In order to protect the health and safety of employees, staff, and students, all those who access Pasco County School locations must self-screen for symptoms and other risk factors of COVID-19 daily. If you answer YES to any of the questions, you should NOT be on campus. Access the Visitor Screener or the Student Screener online. Employees should use the Employee Self-Screener.




You must email Mrs Greco for Free Access. Email

User: pineview1

Password: pves

User: pineview1

Password: pves

Mysterydoug- Where Wonders are Answered

Links for kid- friendly research sites.

Autism & Open-Minded Resources

Time for Kids link to subscribe for the free digital weekly current events magazine. You will need to set up more than 1 account for children in different grade-level bands.

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Digital Puzzle Breakouts

Free texts and activities organized by grade level

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Listen to SSYRA books read aloud
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September Mandate Resources

Safer, Smarter Kids Pretest