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Providing students opportunities to make meaningful connections to the real world is critical as we develop the skills, behaviors, and dispositions necessary for college, career, and life readiness. Developing a S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Fair investigation will provide intermediate students the opportunity to use science knowledge and skills just as scientists do in the real world. The STEM Fair will provide opportunities to engage in connecting these college, career, and life skills in many ways such as writing clearly, communicating information effectively, collecting and interpreting data, using evidence to justify their thinking, managing time, and providing opportunities to ask “why” leading to the development of an experiment or designing of a solution/innovation.

WHENFriday February 27th, 2014 – PVES SCHOOL-WIDE STEM Fair.

*Check your timeline for when your project is due to your teacher for class judging. 

WHY: Essentially we are helping our students develop the skills, behaviors, and dispositions, for careers that may have not even be invented yet. Here are a few videos to support the transition to a STEM Fair and the need to provide students opportunities to make meaningful, relevant connections throughout the day.


STEM Fair S & E This document provides an opportunity to understand the similarities and differences and between science and engineering.

STEM Planning Guide 2015-16 This is the research plan that each student needs to complete as they are completing their investigation. Keep in mind it is encouraged that students keep an additional journal to record their investigations to allow for more detail about their experience.

STEM Planning Guide SPANISH Version

Rules and Safety This document provides information on the rules and safety requirements for projects.

STEM Fair Digital Options  At school fairs this year we are excited to provide students the option of sharing their projects digitally. This resource provides just a few examples. Keep in mind, your students to move on to the district fair will need a backboard, but it is highly encouraged that they bring their digital project as well.


Parent Info Flyer 

Parent Info Flyer SPANISH version

STEM Fair Parent Presentation